AFM Reaches an Agreement with the Motion Picture TV Film Industries


January 14, 2015

New York, NY— The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) pleased to report that an agreement was reached with representatives from the television and motion picture industries January 9, 2015 in Los Angeles, for successor Motion Picture and Television Film Labor Agreements and Secondary Markets Fund Agreements. The agreements cover the employment of professional musicians, arrangers, copyists, leaders, conductors, and sideline musicians engaged by signatory producers to perform services in theatrical and television film production in the United States and Canada.

The new agreement will extend three years from the date of ratification to April 2018, approximately. Progressive economic features include across the board wage increases of 2{1d776386b9cb999ea5067fee5aa6c3c1db850fc0b970320d4605b640dd6750c1} per year for all classifications of employment. In addition, wage and benefit payments for sideline musicians engaged in high budget video on-demand productions will rise to existing standards found in the Agreements. Also, up to four minutes of clip use is now permitted under the new agreements for use in films produced abroad. Payments were increased by 33{1d776386b9cb999ea5067fee5aa6c3c1db850fc0b970320d4605b640dd6750c1} for 30 second clip use increments in excess of two minutes.

“I am pleased that an agreement has been reached that preserves the fundamental economic and residual structures of our film agreements. That we were able to hold the line and bargain progressive increases is a tribute to our negotiating team of International and Local officers from New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles, together with rank and file representatives,” says AFM International President Ray Hair.

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