Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Summer Classical Music Programs at Banff Centre are designed to support the creation of new music, the refinement of traditional and contemporary practices, and the amplification of music into the public space by means of reflection and conversation. Through experiential programming, artists will understand the new within the language of the old, and infuse traditional practices with the energy of recent creative compositions. Artists are encouraged to apply to more than one program.

 Application deadline: February 15, 2017

The programs include:

  • Ensemble Evolution – Explore the evolution of ensembles alongside 40 international musicians through the examinations of new and old arrangements.
  • Chamber Music – Building off a decade’s long programming legacy recognized on the international music scene, Chamber Music brings together 50 musicians for a collaborative, experiential approach to music making that examines centuries of performance practices.
  • Roots and Rhizomes Percussion Residency – Join 24 of the most talented young percussionists to explore the far reaches of one of the world’s oldest musical instruments from percussion performance to the impact of natural sound.
  • Pianist-Composer Collaborative – Investigate the repertory of and close relationship between pianist and composer, a rapport spanning centuries, and the fluid roles of creation, improvisation, curation, and collaboration.
  • An Improviser’s View of Notated Music – Explore improvisation from a multitude of perspectives alongside some of the most exciting and versatile artists in the world

Summer at Banff Centre also encompasses a number of other musical offerings including an orchestra opera programs and the beloved jazz program:

Open Space: Opera in the 21st Century

Program dates: June 19 – July 8, 2017

Application deadline: February 22, 2017

Banff International Workshop in Jazz & Creative Music

Program dates: August 7 – 26, 2017

Application deadline: February 22, 2017


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