Calgary Arts Development Survey

This morning Calgary Arts Development launched our 2017 Calgary Arts Professionals Survey. The 10- to 15-minute anonymous survey provides critical information about those working in the arts. Once the survey has been completed participants can choose to enter a draw for one of two $500 gift cards for a retailer of their choice. Survey results will be used to help inform future arts development activities in Calgary.

We Need Your Help

The survey will be more successful the more people that complete it. Helping share the survey will ensure the most accurate picture of the arts professional ecosystem is captured. 

Possible ways of helping to let people know about the survey include:

    • Emailing artists you work with as well as your colleagues and peers about the survey. Completing it yourself!
    • Providing information about the survey in your September newsletter if you have one.
    • Posting on social media about the survey, including Facebook and Twitter.

We have an online toolkit (link) with sample language, tweets and Facebook posts. If there is anything else you might need to help spread the word please let me know and we’ll be sure to get you additional material.


The deadline to complete the survey is September 30th at 11:59 PM.

Results from the survey provide a great deal of insight about the participant’s lifestyle patterns, how art is made in Calgary, and how Calgary is faring as a place to live for people who work in the arts. A full report on the 2017 Calgary Arts Professionals Survey will be available by the end of 2017.




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