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AFA Grant Workshops with Jason Flammia

AFA Arts Development consultant Jason Flammia is traveling to Canmore, Calgary, and Edmonton to work with artists interested in applying for Individual Project funding.

Please note that all workshops are now full and we are only accepting registrations to be added to a wait-list.

AFA Individual Project grants can provide up to $15,000 to support the development of individual Alberta artists, arts administrators, or an ensemble of artists by providing funding for a specific artistic work, training or marketing. Jason will be providing tips and other useful information to help you develop your funding application and increase your chances of success.

All workshops are free, but space is limited. Email Jason to be added to a wait-list. More info below:

Individual Project Grant workshop (all disciplines) – Canmore

Date: Thursday, December 7, 2017 - FULL
Time: 3:00 – 4:00pm
Location: 907 – 7 Avenue. Arts & Events boardroom (formerly Tourism Canmore)
To be added to a wait-list please email

Individual Project Grant workshop (all disciplines) – Calgary - FULL

Date: Thursday, December 7, 2017
Time: 7:00 – 8:30pm
Location: Mount Royal University. Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts. Bella Lobby, room ED 1011. (Taylor Centre for Performing Arts located between Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning Link and the Box Office.)
To be added to a wait-list please email

Individual Project Grant workshops (all disciplines) – Edmonton - FULL

Date: Tuesday, December 12 and Wednesday December 13, 2017
Time: 6:30 – 8:00pm
Location: Capital Arts building. 10708 – 105 Ave
To be added to a wait-list please email

Register now!


Jason Flammia, Arts Development Consultant - Music

T: 780-415-0297





Offer open to members and their friends and family.

Lower Bowl seating available, while quantities last. Orders will be processed and emailed within three to four business days. Seats will be selected from the best available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Click here for ticket info.

Click here to purchase.

For additional information please contact:

Nick Yates



Holiday Music Program at Calgary International Airport

For the third year in a row, The Calgary Airport Authority is thrilled to present the Holiday Music Program at YYC Calgary International Airport. We’re on the hunt for a variety of talented artists to perform holiday-inspired music at YYC during our busiest travel season. Your music will help bring cheer and enjoyment to the thousands of passengers who travel through the airport each day.

Did we captivate your attention? Submit a link to your demo using the form below by December 1. Those chosen will be contacted and scheduled to perform at YYC between December 15 and 23 (exact days and times to be determined).

We are looking for family-friendly festive music for our visitors and guests to enjoy. Artists should be prepared to play a two-hour set and to be photographed for the purpose of video or social promotional materials. We want to make your music the star of our holiday travel season!

Talent under the age of 18 must have the consent of their parental guide and please no busking. Performers will be provided with an honorarium based on a sliding scale system: $168 for individual performances, $280 for duos, $392 for trios, and $504 for groups of four or more.

Questions or comments about this program? Tweet, Facebook, or send us an email.

Performance location will be based on group availability and size. 

Fore more info and to submit visit

Universal Pharmacare

To: Members of the CLC Canadian Council

Sisters and brothers,

As part of our national campaign for universal pharmacare, we have just launched our powerful new video telling the story of Judy Pope, a Cambridge, Ontario woman forced to make an impossible choice: pay for medication that would prolong her life, or keep her family’s finances and home intact.

A cancer-fighting medication had kept Judy Pope alive for five years, but when her husband Gary’s health insurance switched to a new provider, a cap on coverage meant the Popes were faced with medication costs of more than $3,000 a month.

Our video chronicles Judy Pope’s painful choice and encourages Canadians to add their voice to our online petition.

Please help us promote this phase of our campaign by posting the video on your websites, sharing it on social media and showing it at your events.

In solidarity,

Hassan Yussuff


cc:        Federations of labour

Labour Councils

CLC Union Communicators Working Group

CLC Staff


Equal Status for Women in the Indian Act

Dear Friends and Allies,

We are Senators and Indigenous women leaders with a long history of advocating for equality for Indigenous women in Canada. We write to you today to request your support for the full and final removal of sex discrimination from the Indian Act. We ask you to sign on to this letter to Prime Minister Trudeau by November 7th. Shocking as it is, Indian women still do not enjoy the same entitlement to full Indian status and the same ability to transmit their status to their descendants as Indian men. This discrimination has existed since the Indian Act was first introduced in 1876. We believe that 141 years of sex discrimination is enough. We write to you now because the Government of Canada is poised to pass Bill S-3, a revision to the Indian Act, which will, one more time, remove discrimination for some, but leave the core of the sex discrimination in place. On June 1, 2017, the Senate of Canada unanimously passed an amendment to Bill S-3. This amendment, which has been dubbed the '6(1)(a) all the way' amendment, would, for the first time, entitle Indian women and their descendants to full 6(1)(a) Indian status on the same footing as Indian men and their descendants. The Government of Canada has rejected this equal status amendment and wants the Senate to pass Bill S-3 without eliminating all the discrimination against First Nations women and their descendants. As Indigenous women, we need you to help and support us. Indigenous women cannot be successful in this fight alone. We need the support of our non-Indigenous sisters and allies, as well as of our Indigenous brothers and communities, and we need it now. The Government of Canada wants to pass Bill S-3 before December 15, 2017. Please join us in fighting to end discrimination against women in the Indian Act. Here's what you can do:

    • Sign on to this letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Canada asking him to remove the sex discrimination from the Indian Act now; to sign on send us an email at with your name, if you are signing as an individual, or the name of your organization, and/or the name of all the individuals at your organization that would like to sign on. Please send your sign on by November 7th. We will keep a continuous list and post it on our website.
    • Contact your Member of Parliament directly, and ask him or her to support removal of the sex discrimination from the Indian Act now. Go to this website to find your MP’s contact information and follow this link for a sample email to send to your Member of Parliament.
    • Contact Senators from your province or territory and ask them to hold firm on their support for the '6(1)(a) all the way' amendment. Go to this website to find Senators' contact information and follow this link for a sample email to send to Senators from your province or territory.
    • Share this email with your membership lists and with your friends and allies. Ask them to sign on and call or write to their MPs and Senators.
    • Find background information on Indian Act sex discrimination and Bill S-3 here and follow this link to register and watch the webinars hosted by the Canadian Women’s Foundation and FAFIA on the Indian Act.

Here's who we are:

    • Senator Lillian Dyck, Chair of the Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples, which heard testimony on Bill S-3 and initiated the '6(1)(a) all the way' amendment.
    • Senator Sandra Lovelace-Nicholas, Member of the Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples, Petitioner to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Lovelace v Canada, which resulted in the 1981 ruling that the sex discrimination in the Indian Act violates the rights of Indigenous women to their culture.
    • Jeannette Corbiere-Lavell and Yvonne Bedard, plaintiffs in Lavell, Bedard v Canada, which resulted in the now infamous 1973 Supreme Court of Canada ruling that the sex discrimination in the Indian Act did not violate Canada's Bill of Rights.
    • Sharon McIvor, Plaintiff in McIvor v Canada, which resulted in the 2009 British Columbia Court of Appeal ruling that won status, or improved status, for about 35,000 previously excluded Indigenous women and their descendants.
    • Dr. Lynn Gehl, Plaintiff in Gehl v Canada, which resulted in the 2017 ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal that the unstated paternity policy of the Registrar of Indian and Northern Affairs was unreasonable.

Not one of us, to this day, is entitled to full 6(1)(a) status under the Indian Act. Please help us to achieve equal status for Indian women and their descendants now. Learn about the Famous Six and read their message here


AFM Hurricane Relief

October  5, 2017

The AFM has set up a link on our AFM website for Hurricane Relief donations and a link for downloading the application to apply for assistance.


To receive assistance:

    1. The applicant must be a member in good standing of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada;
    1. Prior to Hurricane Harvey, Irma or Maria, the applicant must have resided in, or been employed as a professional musician in the affected counties of Texas, Florida or municipios of Puerto Rico that FEMA has identified as a "major disaster declaration” area as a result of Hurricane Harvey, Irma or Maria; and
    1. The applicant must have suffered one of the hardships listed on the application as a result of Hurricane Harvey, Irma or Maria that is not reimbursable by insurance.

President Hair and I believe that AFM Locals are an essential part of the application process (similar to the Petrillo Fund application process). All applicants for AFM Hurricane Fund assistance will be submitting their application and supporting documents to their Local for initial review by the Local. The Local should forward only those applications the Local supports for hurricane relief assistance to:

Hurricane Relief Fund c/o American Federation of Musicians Attention: Nadine Sylvester 1501 Broadway, Suite 600 New York, NY 10036

Thank you in advance for your participation in this process to provide assistance to our AFM members during this very challenging time of hurricane recovery. If you have questions, please call me at (212) 869-1330 x1-224.

Fraternally and sincerely,

Ray Hair                                                                       Jay Blumenthal AFM International President                                     AFM International Secretary-Treasurer



Jazz Flute Big Band is coming to Calgary!

The international phenomenon, the Jazz Flute Big Band (JFBB), is coming to Calgary in Fall 2017 and will rehearse Thursday nights starting in October. Registration is $250 for the semester.

Led by a three-time winner of (and production coordinator of and a soloist with) the Jazz Flute Big Band Competition of the National Flute Association (New Orleans, 2013; Chicago, 2015; JEN San Diego 2016; and Minneapolis, 2017) John Reid is working internationally to bring this project to Calgary.

Traditionally horn players (trumpet, sax, trombone) have had the chance to ease into jazz playing by playing in a big band or jazz ensemble, getting the hang of swinging, hearing colleagues improvising, then eventually getting a chance to take a solo themselves. Flute players have not had that opportunity — until now! American jazz flutists Ali Ryerson and Billy Kerr, and British jazz flutist, Peter Westbrook (and founder of the Flute Journal website) have been commissioning “charts” from great jazz writers for JFBB and are making those charts available to John Reid. Reid proposes weekly rehearsals in the 2017-18 season of ensemble charts, including beginning jazz improvisation opportunities, Fall and Spring concerts, with a nominal registration fee to cover costs of rental, charts, artistic direction, etc.

Rehearsals will run on Thursday nights from 7:00-9:00 pm at Knox United Church starting October 5th. Registration is $250 per semester which includes 10 rehearsals and a final concert.

For more information and to register contact John Reid at (403) 288-5794 or send an email to


CMA Members Win Big at the CCMA Awards



Ben Bradley


Mitch Jay


Matt McKay


Denis Dufresne – Banjo


Paul Brandt


Dean Brody - Song: Time (Performed By: Dean Brody)


Bush Party – Dean Brody


Dean Brody


The Road Hammers

Congratulations to all!!!


Canadian Federation of Musicians labour dispute intends to end exploitation at Western Canadian Music Alliance's BreakOut West Festival

Toronto, Canada - Monday, September 11, 2017 -- The labour dispute between the Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) and the Western Canadian Music Alliance (WCMA), the entity which operates the BreakOut West Festival (BOW), has not been resolved. The BOW conference, which begins on September 13th, in Edmonton, Alberta, the vast majority of festival musicians do not receive payment for either their live performances or for the festival recording their shows.

The CFM, a union within the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), views this as a slap in the face for Canadian workers, and are asking the festival to meet the CLC's national push for $15/hr and Fairness, based on a 4-hour minimum call.

"While certain headline musicians performing concerts at the festival are paid, most receive no fee," explains Alan Willaert, Vice-President from Canada of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. "All Canadians deserve to be paid for their work and this must include professional musicians. This is a simple matter of social justice and WCMA's reluctance to meet this minimum standard is unacceptable".

"I am grateful for AFM and CFM's support and fight on behalf of the interest of musicians", said Claire Ness, an independent artist from the Yukon who is scheduled to perform.

"This event is all about the musicians, yet they are the ones being exploited", continued Willaert. "The Provincial and Federal Governments should be ashamed that Canadians' tax dollars (including musicians' taxes) are being misused to sponsor an event that acts more like a sweatshop than a music festival."

The Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) is the Canadian National office of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM). The CFM provides vital resources to Canadian musicians at all stages of their careers, on any platform, from live concert to recorded performance, broadcast and film scoring. The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) is comprised of 200 local offices across the United States and Canada, collectively representing a membership of approximately 80,000 professional musicians. The AFM/CFM has been representing the interests of U.S. and Canadian musicians for 121 years, as the representative of professional musicians in a broad range of collective bargaining and legislative actions.

For more information please visit us at ׀ CFM on twitter ׀ CFM on Facebook.



Victoria Lord, VLPR Inc.

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