Clarineat Podcast

Clarineat is a new, unique, weekly podcast hosted by 547 local member Sean Perrin that features interviews with guests pertaining to the clarinet. The podcast is currently followed by over 1200 people across all forms of social media, has been featured in the “New and noteworthy” section of the iTunes store, and has reached as high as #20 on the “What’s Hot” list. Past guests have included include Ryan Pereira of 3D Clarinet Innovations, Michael Norsworthy of The Boston Conservatory, Tom Puwalski of the US Army Field Band (retired), and Calgary local Daryl Caswell of Landwell Reed Knives. Upcoming guests include Juno award-winning composer Allan Bell, bass clarinet legend Lori Freedman, Spencer Cheyne of OCL Studios, Derek Chiu of the Royal Conservatory of Music, David Blumberg, producer of the John Williams’ Clarinet Concerto CD with the LA Philharmonic’s Michele Zukovsky, and many others. You can listen to the podcast every morning on your favourite podcasting app. New episodes are released every Monday morning. Please see for more details.

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