CMA Members Nominated for YYC Music Awards

Congratulations to all CMA Members nominated for YYC Music Awards!!!

Country Recording of the Year - Nice Horse - 'Mansplainin''

Folk Recording of the Year - The Wardens - 'Across the River'

Jazz Recording of the Year:

  • Johanna Sillanpaa - 'Blue Skies'
  • Keith O'Rourke – ‘Sonny Tune’
  • Prime Time Big Band - 'Prime Time'
  • Tricia Edwards - 'Trainwreck III'

Rock Recording of the Year:

  • Kobra and the Lotus - 'Light Me Up'
  • The Static Shift - 'Wide Awake'Group of the Year:

World Recording of the Year – Brent Saklofske – ‘Barcelona’

Group of the Year

  • Kobra and the Lotus
  • Nice Horse
  • The Static Shift

Industry Person of the Year:

  • Pat McGannon
  • Stephanie Hutchinson
  • Deanne Matley

Single of the Year:

  • Nice Horse - 'Mansplainin''
  • The Static Shift - 'Wide Awake'

Songwriter of the Year - Nice Horse - 'Mansplainin’ '


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