The Josties

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The Josties are a family band from Southern Alberta. They bring a unique blend of acoustic country/ folk and light contemporary music along with humour and a desire to exalt the faithfulness of Jesus Christ.

Dale Jost served as a pastor in the Evangelical Free Church for 15 years. In 1997, Dale decided he wanted freedom to devote more time to raising his family, so he stepped down from being a pastor. The following year, he moved his family to a stubble field in southern Alberta. He and his sons moved a house and several outbuildings onto the property. Country life has provided Dale with many opportunities to work with his family and teach his sons valuable life skills. Dale still drives school bus, raises golden retrievers, and has a small woodworking business, all of which give him flexibility to help with the home schooling and spiritual mentoring of the children who remain at home. In 2007, God specifically directed Dale to begin taking his family across Canada and into the United States to share through music the faithfulness of God. In concert, Dale plays guitar, dobro, and vocals.

Phone Dale Jost or Lisa Jost 403-647-2553