Hal Redekop

Hal Redekop
Hal has been a professional musicain all his life, starting in high school as house band for CKX-TV in Manitoba. Has toured Canada and northern USA with various groups and as band leader for name acts such as The Allen Sisters, Donny Ast (Nestor Pistor), Tommy Common, Lucille Starr, Al Cherney etc.

Hal has had a lot of experience in the studio having produced 31 albums to date, as well as 100's of singles and demos for other artists. Has worked at Trax Studios, Jonathan Sound, EK Sound, Circa Sound, Roy Warhurst Productions, Strawberry Records and numerous others.

Hal's hobbies include collecting vintage automobiles and musical instruments.

Hal's wife (Nancie), is a trained classical pianist and teacher.

Phone Hal Redekop 403.252.5312
Email hr5312@telus.net
Website http://calgarymusicians.org/author/78/