German E. VEGA, Piano player - Calgary Ab

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PIANO & Accordion PLAYER, Calgary Ab

I offer live performance as a PIANO Player & Accordion Player with a wide variety.
I have an extensive international repertoire such as Jazz, Pop, Bolero, Ballad, Tango, Swing, Latin, Merengue, Salsa, among others. Also includes ITALIAN, French, romantic North American and Music for special occasions (Weddings, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, birthday, graduation, product launch, cocktail, dance music and private & corporate function).
I am great at musical improvisation so, I know how to deliver the right music at the right time. I can combine performance with communication of emotions. I perform as solo pianist (or accordionist).
I always dress to impress my audience.
I can do a short demo presentation upon request
You can check my website for short demos of my performance at:
I bring my Own Stuff: Portable Piano and Sound Equipment.
I am always concern about making an outstanding performance with outstanding equipment.

I was born in South America among a family of musicians. Since my early years, I studied music, piano and accordion, I specialized in european music with a great emphasis in ITALIAN folklore (waltz, mazurca, tarantella and polka), FRENCH and LATIN music. Later down in my career I got involved with North American music (JAZZ, SWING, BALLAD, POP).

I migrated to Calgary on 2004. Since then, I have played my music in different venues such as Sait, McEwan Hall, Northland Mall, fashion shows, Hotel Hyatt Regency, Community Learners (Edmonton), Calgary Italian Club, Il Forno Italian Restaurant, Smugglers Tango Bistro, Heritage Park, Arbour Lake Retirement, Palliser Hotel, Harbour of Newport Retirement, H2 Medical Clinic, Winter Club, Westin Hotel, Toyo Engineering, The Colombian Consulate in Calgary, Parex Resources, Saskatoon Farm, The Bay Houdson Stores and many corporate & private functions.
I have also played at festivals, such as Global Fest, Lilac Festival and Expolatino.

Phone G.E. VEGA or Margarita 403-241-4873