Niusha Shirvani Private Lessons

Niusha Shirvani Private Lessons
Born in Tehran-Iran, Niusha Shirvani plays and teaches ‘Tar’ & ‘Setar’ in classical Persian Music.
Niusha Shirvani started playing ‘Tar’ with ‘Amir Naderzadeh’. ‘Hossein Alizadeh’ walked him through the intermediate stages and later with ‘Fariborz Azizi’ he advanced the ‘Tar’ playing techniques as well as developing his knowledge on classical Persian music theory/Radif. He moved to ‘Mohammad Reza Lotfi’ at Shayda music school to play ‘Radif’ on ‘Tar’ and developing his improvisation skills. His passion for music led him to ‘Houshang Ostovar’ to study Western classical music theory and harmony.
Living in Canada (Calgary, Alberta), Niusha is busy with Studying music at University of Calgary and teaching Tar and Setar.
He also completed ‘Digital Audio Recording Certificate’ at SAIT- Canada.

Phone Niusha Shirvani 403-237-0527