1. Expertise in knowledge and teaching of instrumental music
  2. Experience as a band director (preferred) demonstrating the capability of preparing the band for musical performance
  3. Ability to work collaboratively and positively with band committees as well as with musicians with a variety of talents and skill levels.
  4. Public speaking skills to interact with the audience at performances, if the director is also conducting performances

REPORTS TO:      Calysto Steelband Executive


Responsible for developing, coordinating, and directing the band’s music program. Trains and rehearses members of the musical group and conducts performances.


  1. Preside as main director over the musical program, demonstrating a strong, dynamic presence as a leader
  2. Inspire and lead musicians into delivering creative performances, building on their knowledge base and challenging them to do more advanced pieces of music.
  3. Lead rehearsals and (preferably) performances
  4. Guide musicians through music scores with interpretations of tone, tempo, phrasing, dynamics and other musical elements, making effective use of rehearsal time
  5. Consider relevant factors such as ensemble size and abilities, scores, musical variety, and audience, in order to deliver interesting, relevant, and varied concerts
  6. Position members within groups to obtain balance among instrumental sections.
  7. Select and adapt musical works for the group, or to create a particular musical style.
  8. Expand and enhance the breadth and depth of the band’s repertoire in collaboration with the Music Committee
  9. Work with the Equipment Coordinator, Secretary, and Tuner to ensure necessary equipment and supplies are approved for purchase, ordered, and well maintained
  10. In conjunction with members, establish long-range objectives and the strategies to achieve them.


  • passion, insight, musical talent, willingness to be challenged and play “outside the box”
  • strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • flexibility to respond to member needs, abilities and ideas, as well as client requests


  • weekly rehearsals - Mondays, 7-9pm
  • wide variety of indoor/outdoor gigs; 1-4 hours long; various times of day & week; 10-15 each year
  • loading and unloading of equipment before and after gigs (could be optional)
  • fun loving and cooperative group of individuals

This is a paid position (final to be negotiated).

Randy Rudolph

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