Proposed P2 Visa Fee Increase

Dear Members:

I am writing to advise you that USCIS has proposed a 42{1d776386b9cb999ea5067fee5aa6c3c1db850fc0b970320d4605b640dd6750c1} fee increase to the I-129 petition related to the P and O permits for artists/entertainers/athletes.   If this proposed increase ends up going through, the fee to Department of Homeland Security [petition fee] will increase to $460 (currently its $325). There are no proposed fee increases to I-907 petition, which is related to Premium Processing.   This information was just released on May 4th and AFM Legislative Director Alfonso Pollard and Theatre, Touring, Immigration Director Micheal Manley and I immediately had discussions on AFM's efforts to vehemently oppose the increase - which is now in addition to all of our recent lobbying efforts to lessen processing times and streamline processing for Canadian musicians.



USCIS is required to seek Public Comment before implementing any proposed increases.  The period for Public Comment ends July 5th, so if the increase is to go through it will not be until mid-July at earliest.  We have been down this road before [the last increase was in 2010] and unfortunately our opposition to the increase was not successful at that time.  We is not just AFM – we is all U.S. based, arts non-profit groups, which are also in opposition to the increases; we have numbers so hopefully our collective voices will be heard [this time].  It is recommended to anyone requiring a work permit this year, to get their applications in to us not later than July 5 if at all possible.  See more information below:‎

Liana White

CFM Executive Director

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