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Funding cuts are slowly killing the CBC and severely damaging the Canadian music industry. Canadian Musician magazine invites you and all members of the Canadian music industry to join us in taking a stance on this important issue.

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We have launched a petition and campaign to let those in power know that a properly-funded CBC is vital to the health of Canada’s music industry. We are calling on them to use their power and influence to reverse the $115 million funding cut to the public broadcaster and commit to supporting it now and in the future.

For musicians, regardless of genre, there is no media outlet that will provide them the same coverage and audience reach as the CBC. For music fans, it could mean hearing far less homegrown talent at a time when Canada is creating more noteworthy music than ever. Canada has long had a reputation for punching above its weight with regards to exporting music, and the CBC has been a very big part of that success over the decades.

A diminished CBC means less exposure and publicity for Canadian artists. This will not only mean fewer commercially successful music careers as it impacts album and concert ticket sales; it will also have a negative impact on the rest of the industry as it results in less money for recording, instruments and equipment, concert venues, and more.

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