Alberta Music Cities Initiative: Maximizing the benefits of music on cities in Alberta

The Alberta Music Cities Initiative (AMCI) is excited to introduce their team; musician Matt Masters as the new Program Leader and Strategy Advisor, Dr. Terry Rock.

With the assistance of the Calgary Musicians Association and other resources, the AMCI is currently mapping Alberta’s live music venues. It’s the first step in developing a thorough economic profile and a province wide strategic plan for the music industry. Alberta’s music industry can be a key economic sector and a vehicle for the diversification of Alberta’s economy. The economic profile will be a tool that municipalities can use to stimulate economic growth, increase investment, retain youth, and drive tourism.

Founded by Alberta Music, the National Music Centre (NMC), Music Canada and the Scotlyn Foundation, the AMCI is committed to building a strong music industry that benefits the province on multiple levels, and with a diverse range of groups. The AMCI committee was developed through the Fertile Ground Report project. In November 2014, NMC released a report on Alberta’s music industry, detailing the economic benefits of a strong provincial music industry and making recommendations to government and other sector partners. NMC commissioned the report from Music Canada, with funding from the Scotlyn Foundation. The report, titled Fertile Ground: Alberta Music Cities Initiative, made detailed recommendations to stimulate the growth and sustainability of Alberta’s music industry through an economic lens.

The Fertile Ground report concludes with four key recommendations for the growth and development of the commercial music industry in Alberta:

  1. Develop a comprehensive understating of the economic profile of Alberta’s music cluster, with regional breakouts for Calgary and Edmonton as well as other smaller cities as appropriate.
  2. Position music as a key economic sector, a vehicle for the diversification of Alberta’s economy, and a tool that municipalities can use to stimulate economic growth, increase investment, retain youth, and drive tourism.
  3. Develop and implement a strategic plan to build the business capacity of the music industry in Alberta.
  4. Develop and implement a live music strategy for Alberta to improve the live music product offering in Alberta and generate increased music tourism.

A larger AMCI committee is being assembled to develop a broader strategic plan and engage as many stakeholders as possible and ensure that the seeds of the Fertile Ground report grow into a powerful, provincial strategy to stimulate economic growth and support the music industry.

To learn more and get involved, please email Matt Masters at the National Music Centre at:

Fertile Ground Report at:

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