CFM Exclusive Insurance Program with HUB International

Current Benefits :

  • The member chooses  the value of each item to be insured. Only items above $10,000 require an appraisal.  The policy pays the limit shown on the policy. 
  • The members are only required to insure the items they wish to insure.
  • If an item that was stolen is ever recovered the member has the right to purchase that item back
  • You can schedule any  item you use in your performance. It does not necessarily have to be a musical instrument. 
  • Claims under $5,000 are settled in our office allowing for quicker claims payments.
  • Equipment Rental reimbursement should you need to rent equipment because your scheduled  equipment was damaged or stolen.
  • Promotional Items (CD’s, T-shirts, Posters) for a limit of $2,500 is included free with the policy
  • Low Deductible. Most commercial policies have a $500 or $1000 minimum deductible.
  • Multiple Liability limits available: $1, 2 and 5 Million limits. This allows the member to meet most if not all venue requirements for liability certificates

Great Customer Service:   

  • Email accepted 24/7 for adding or deleting equipment.
  • 800 number access all of North America.
  • Visa and MasterCard Accepted for payment.
  • Bilingual staff.
  • Instant Binding of Coverage on new applications.
  • Post mark date; phone call or email.

All of the above features remain the same, except as outlined below:

  • New Rate: The equipment rate has been reduced from $2.75/$100 to $2.00/$100. The $2.00 rate is 37{1d776386b9cb999ea5067fee5aa6c3c1db850fc0b970320d4605b640dd6750c1} lower then the old rate.
  • New Deductible: The deductible has been increased to $100.00 from $50.00. You should still insure items under a $100 in value because if a case of gear goes missing it could have a number of items worth under a $100 but together total $500 - $1000.
  • New Liability Rate: The liability premiums have been increased to $50.00 for $1M and $100 for $2M. Added coverage for Advertising & Personal Injury. Note: Personal Injury is liable slander not bodily injury which the policy has always covered.
  • Increased Equipment Rental Limit: The rental reimbursement limit has been increased from $1,000 to $10,000 for no additional charge, should you need to rent an instrument, when yours has been lost, stolen or damaged.

New Coverage at No CHARGE:

  • Lost Income: Should you be unable to play as scheduled due to an insured loss to your equipment or if the venue experiences an insured loss and is closed, your policy will pay your lost income less expenses to a maximum of $5,000 for contracts signed prior to the loss for up to 21 days. Your signed AFM/CFM contract form is your best tool for proving loss of anticipated revenues.

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