JUNO Awards Live Performance Fees

The Calgary Musicians Association, AFM Local 547 has negotiated the following minimum scales for events associated with the 2016 JUNO Awards: 

  • JunoFest: $90.00/Musician - no Leader’s fee;
  • Welcome Reception: $150.00 (Leader) / $100.00 (Sidemusician);
  • Gala Performance: $150.00 (Leader) / $100.00 (Sidemusician);
  • Songwriters Circle: $150.00 (Leader) / $100.00 (Sidemusician)

 All of these live performance fees are in addition to any media broadcast fees paid to musicians. Make sure you are receiving at least the fees listed and we encourage you negotiate higher rates. Contact Sec-Treasurer, Doug Kuss if you require further assistance.


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