Ellen McIlwaine Music Instruction

how to sing Gospel & Blues
Middle Eastern & Eastern European
vocal techniques & yodeling
how to keep from straining your voice
exploring and using your vocal range
awakening your vocal power
(it is in all of us!)
breathing exercises & ear training
vocal acrobatics & control
how to care for your voice
a list of amazing vocalists to explore online

(some knowledge of guitar is helpful)
finger picking style of Mississippi John Hurt
Slide Blues style of Earl Hooker &
Elmore James: using all 6 strings
how to set up your slide guitar
the importance of intonation
playing bass lines and finding chords
various tunings: D modal, open D
D 7th, D minor & variations
C major, and my Middle Eastern tuning
Arabic & Eastern scales
have a slide and pen & paper ready
some students record the lessons

Lessons will take place at
Student's home base,
Variable schedules are fine.

One person: .00 an hour in cash
Lessons can be close together
or spaced far apart without
losing continuity.
Two people: .00
Three people: 0.00
larger groups: negotiate $$

Phone Ellen McIlwaine 403.228.2812
Email 21t@calgarymusicians.org
Website http://www.ellenmcilwaine.com/