Penny Sanborn

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Private lessons are taught in Tuscany NW Calgary, Alberta. Please contact Penny for more info.

Penny performs in her PENNY SANBORN TRIO, featuring Penny on accordion, Keith Smith on guitar and Simon Fisk on bass. This exceptional trio performs live music for special events including receptions, corporate events, weddings and concerts. Their Chic European sound includes an attractive collection of french musette pieces, Italian folk songs, tango suites and improvised jazz tunes. Listeners will identify with the folk melodies at heart, the technique of classical music along with the improvisation of jazz. It is a fresh and invigorating way of treating this traditional music. Penny’s performance credits including the world-renowned Luciano Pavarotti, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and appearances across Canada, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Phone Penny Sanborn 403-208-9744