Saxophone: Advanced Technique and Improvization

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Gareth Bane’s Bio

Gareth Bane’s return to Calgary signifies his continuation of hard swinging, forward thinking baritone saxophone playing. Since discovering the Baritone at an early age, he has endeavored to deepen that instrument’s mastery and introduce listeners to its true potential. A blend of jazz, R&B and funk shape the concept of his powerful sound and approach to music. Influences as diverse as Nick Brignola, Ralph Bowen and Tower of Power have solidified into his appealing concept and approach to jazz.

Already in high demand as both a performer and educator, Gareth left Calgary in 2005 to continue his studies and graduated with his Masters of Music from Rutgers University in 2007. After a year working abroad he returned to New York City to live and immerse himself in that great city’s music culture. Studying with such masters as Ralph Bowen, Stanley Cowell, Conrad Herwig, Vic Juris, Bob Francischini and Jason Marshal have only broadened Gareth’s musical direction.

Between Calgary, Rutgers and New York some of Gareth’s favorite associations have been with Ralph Bowen, Conrad Herwig, Brian Lynch, Ed Simon, Frank Sinatra Jr., Eddie Palmieri and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. He has also been building his reputation as a copyist and arranger, completing projects for Conrad Herwig, Tim Ries, Dave Pierce, Joey Van and the Calgary Stampede.

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