Membership Services

Through collective action, the Association offers its members support, respect and specific services to maximize their ability to succeed in the music business.

How We Help



Members are provided with free contracts which provide binding protection on all engagements.

Contract Guarantee

If members have a signed filed contract, the Association will advance them fees for the engagement should they be cancelled, fired, replaced or given a NSF cheque. The Association will then handle the claim.

US Employment

Through a reciprocal agreement within the AFM, Canadian Members have access to temporary US Work Permits.


Low group rates for instrument and liability insurance; group rates for medical, dental and income replacement insurance.

Freelance Services

AFM provides a host of services for the freelance musician or group including AFM Entertainment, GoProLessons and GoProHosting.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

A number of local, national, and international agreements with major employers of musicians offer access to all types of employment at industry standard wages and working conditions.


Automatic pension contributions on most employment covered by a collective agreement and the option of including pension contributions on other contracted employment.

Stan Brown Benevolent Fund

Emergency interest-free loans to members in need.

Music Performance Trust Fund

Funded by the recording companies as part of their agreement with AFM, this program pays scale wages to musicians for free-to-the-public performances.

Referral Service

We actively encourage the public to use our web referral service for all their music needs. Help and advice for them and more gigs for our members!

Finding Musicians

Between our roster of members and knowledgeable staff, we help match musicians with other musicians.

Useful Information

We maintain a database of information useful to our members – clubs, contacts, funding agencies, services, discounts, legal advice, tax advice, etc. Members receive the Local newsletter four times per year and the monthly international publication, International Musician.

Business Seminars

Free, regular, informal and useful seminars presented by experts in their field.


The Association lobbies civic, provincial and national governments for improvements in legislation affecting professional musicians.



Membership Fees

All fees are tax-deductible. Flexible payment arrangements are available. Payment can be made with an etransfer to or by calling the office at 587 437 8439 with a Visa or Mastercard number.


Musicians joining for the first time pay one-time Initiation Fees of $115.00 ($65.00 AFM & $50.00 Local) in addition to annual dues. Students in an accredited school, college or university and those under the age of 21 are exempt from the Initiation Fees. Self-contained groups are also exempt from Initiation Fees if the entire group joins at one time.


Current Annual Dues are $195.00. When applicable, Work Dues amount to a very small percentage of MINIMUM fee wages (as opposed to gross contracted price.) For casual and steady engagements, a mandatory individual work dues buyout is required.

Membership Signup

Becoming a Member

Please call the office at 587 437 8439 between 9 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday, email, or complete the following form to get started. We will email you an application form and answer any questions you might have about membership.