Membership Fees


Musicians joining for the first time pay one-time Initiation Fees of $115.00 ($65.00 AFM & $50.00 Local) in addition to annual dues. Students in an accredited school, college or university and those under the age of 21 are exempt from the Initiation Fees. Self-contained groups are also exempt from Initiation Fees if the entire group joins at one time.

Current Annual Dues are $195.00. When applicable, Work Dues amount to a very small percentage of MINIMUM fee wages (as opposed to gross contracted price.) For casual and steady engagements, a mandatory individual work dues buyout is required.

All fees are tax-deductible. Flexible payment arrangements are available.
Payment can be made with an etransfer to or by
calling the office at 587 437 8439 with a Visa or Mastercard number.

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